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The Scientific evidence (not hype) that the R2M protocol proves that conventional diets long term is no match for the scientific results proven in these peer-reviewed studies below.

Dr. Paul Arciero’s two Peer-Reviewed Studies (AS) (published in the Nutrition Journal and the Obesity Journal) conducted over one month and two months. Arciero’s results published in the Nutrition Journal compared to the results of The American Medical Association Journal (JAMA) study conducted over 12-months of all major diets and protocols. The (AS) second study in the Obesity Journal compared (AS) results to the Heart Healthy Diet which is considered the Gold Standard of Diets.

Here are the astounding differences between the Arciero (AS) peer-reviewed study versus the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) peer-reviewed study.

Weight loss

(AS) 16 lbs. in 30 days – (JAMA) 16 lbs. in 1 year (AS) 12 times faster than (JAMA)

(AS) people gained 6% lean muscle – (JAMA) loss of lean muscle mass.

(AS) Significant reductions in Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Triglycerides… (JAMA) no significant reduction in any of those metabolic factors

(AS) Significant Lowering of Inflammation (JAMA) no reduced inflammation.

(AS) Remarkable reductions in toxins – (JAMA) no toxic reduction shown.

Arciero’s Obesity peer-reviewed Study (OJS) versus The Heart Healthy Diet (HHD) comparison of the results of both peer-reviewed studies.

The (OJS) people lost 68% more weight in 8 weeks than those on (HHD).

(OJS) participants lost twice the visceral fat in 8 weeks than those on the (HHD)

(OJS) also showed dramatic reductions in Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, and Triglycerides where (HHD) showed only minor reductions in those metabolic factors.

After these scientific results it seems obvious that Dr. Arciero’s Study that utilized this revolutionary new R2M protocol would be the only approach you would want to use to lose weight and diminish the impact of the five metabolic factors quickly and safely.


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